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The story of Zanetta Pelletterie

Zanetta Pelletteria is the story of a very steadfast family from Aosta Valley that, through its successes, has reached its 4th generation and in which, therefore, the business development has been perfectly combined between past and present.It all began in 1933 when the forefather Attilio Zanetta, together with the help of his wife Silvia, opened his first leather goods and accessories shop in the centre of Aosta.

Attilio was called to the front because of the onset of World War II, so for this reason the business was delivered to his son Giovanni, just fourteen, and to his mother. They had to face a period of economic recession that had marked the entire globe and in order not to succumb it, Giovanni implemented the business by being a peddler in the various markets of the Aosta Valley. Thanks to his strong attitude, the business managed to survive and flourish again.

It is the 50s – 60s and in Italy it is the period of the “economic boom”. Giovanni is now a young married man with a strong entrepreneurial spirit who thinks there may be new opportunities for the business of the family. He thus opened a new store together with his wife Carla, replacing the previous one that is only larger and addressed to become what is now known as the historic Zanetta shop located in via Pretoria.

Giovanni and Carla will then continue the family tradition; from their union Claudia and Laura will be born and their great passion will be handed them down. The girl will grow up in their parents’ workshop and while dad Giovanni will teach them the art of the trade, dedication to work and humility, mum Carla will impart them the secrets of tailoring.

Claudia and Laura therefore have it in their blood and cannot do without it and that is why together with their husbands and advised by their father Giovanni, they will decide to open a new shop in the heart of Aosta located in Aubert street. The projects, however, will not stop. The family that has expanded over time believes in in as grandfather Attilio had done and it persist to make itself known beyond the Italian borders. After many years of activity, in 2000 they opened a new store in Chamonix Mont-Blanc.

Over the years Giovanni and Carla became grandfather and grandmother; before passing away they had a desire: to expand further in case their grandchildren, growing up, wanted to continue the traditions. So, they opened a new store in Pretoria street as if they knew that one day the story would really go as they thought. Now they are surely hugging each other and watching their family take of their dream.

In short, Zanetta Pelletterie is now a trademark that stands out of tradition, seriousness and certainty. A family with a common destiny.


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